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Annual travel insurance provides cover for the whole year. You can travel as often as you like, but each trip must start and finish in your country of residence. Maximum length per trip – 31 or 60 days.

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Benefits include:

  • Buying online
    only takes 5 mins
  • Instant insurance
    certificate via email
  • Buy up to 1 hour
    before you leave
  • Secure data connection certified by Geotrust

  • Up to € 14 million
    medical cover
  • Up to € 7,500
    cancellation cover
  • Up to € 3,750
    baggage cover
  • More than 30 sports and activities covered
  • Ski and snowboard
    cover available

More information on annual international travel insurance

Annual Travel insurance can help you save money and can prevent you from going abroad without proper travel insurance. Annual travel insurance offers you the same comprehensive protection that you get with our single trip policies.

Our annual policies even offer 21 days free winter sports cover per year.

Summary of our single trip travel insurance policy

Single trip international travel insurance from Columbus Direct is available up to 365 days – allowing you to travel up to a year with complete peace of mind. Single trip travel insurance is normally the best choice for you if you are not planning any other holidays or trips within the next year. If you’re travelling more than once every year, you should consider choosing our annual travel insurance policy – as it could save you money. Use our fast, no-obligation and free quote service today and we will show you the price for both a single trip and an annual policy so you can decide what’s the best option for you.

We don’t cut corners on cover as our single trip policies package together a wide range of valuable benefits - from lost baggage to emergency medical expenses - with prices starting from just 18 €.

Take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Professional 24h multilingual assistance / emergency services
  • 14 Million € cover for medical costs
  • 7,500 € cancellation cover
  • 3,750 € baggage cover
  • Travel delay & delayed baggage cover
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Cover for 33 sports included as standard
  • Ski and snowboard cover option

To see cover available, and to see the price of annual travel insurance cover from Columbus Direct, fill out the details on the page above and click ‘show price'.

Description of all travel insurance benefits and cover levels

Columbus Direct offers 2 different annual travel insurance policies. These policies offer similar cover to the single trip travel insurance policies, but cover you for an entire year.

Our annual policies allow you to make as many trips as you like as long as the individual trips do not exceed a certain number of consecutive days. Our “Annual 60” policy covers up to 60 days consecutive travel abroad whilst our "Annual 31" policy cover up to 31 consecutive days abroad.

These are the benefits offered by Columbus:


Max. number of consecutive days abroad:

31 days - 60 days per trip

You will be covered for a maximum number of consecutive days per trip.

Maximum number of trips per year:


You can go abroad as often as you like, as long as you don’t exceed the maximum number of consecutive days abroad specified on your policy schedule. Excess that apply to the policy.

24h Medical Assistance Services:


Should you require emergency medical treatment or repatriation, our policies provide you with access to a 24hr multilingual staffed medical emergency company.

Medical Expenses:

14 million €

Whether its injury or illness, our policies cover you for both emergency in-patient and out-patient treatment, which includes non-routine prescription charges, consultations and even emergency dental treatment. If it becomes medically necessary to repatriate you back to your home country, then this is covered too.

Cancellation and Curtailment:

7.500 €

We will compensate you for any unused accommodation and travel expenses which you lose or incur as a result of having to cancel / curtail your holiday due to certain reasons.

Baggage cover:

3.750 €

We cover the loss and theft of and damage to your baggage & personal belongings. We also provide you with an allowance to purchase essential replacement items in the event that your checked-in baggage is delayed for a certain period of time.

Valuables limit: 450 €

We cover the loss, theft and damage to your valuable objects

Cash limit: 525 €

We cover the loss and theft of your money

Cash and Documents:

1.500 €

We cover the cost of replacing your personal documents

Missed Departure:

1.200 €

If you fail to reach your international departure point on time due to failure of public transport services or due to a mechanical breakdown of the vehicle in which you are travelling to your international departure point, we'll pay for the expenses that you need to make to reach your destination.

Personal Accident:

37.500 €

In the event of accidental injury, disablement or death, a lump sum payment will be issued to you or the persons chosen by you.

Travel Delay:

300 €

We will offer you financial compensation if your trip is delayed more than 12 hours

Personal Liability:

3 million €

We cover accidental damage to third parties (person or property) inflicted by the insured while travelling.

Legal Expenses:

37.500 €

If you suffer personal injury, we cover the cost for a juridical procedure / legal advice


7.500 €

If you have to abandon your trip due to an accident or mechanical breakdown en route to your departure point, we’ll cover the cost of your holiday.

Hijack cover:

4.500 €

If your means of transport gets hijacked, we’ll offer you financial compensation

All benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy, all of which can be found in our policy wording. You can also view our Policy Summary document which includes a summary of the key features and significant exclusions and limitations of the policy, together with other useful information about your policy.

Click the link below to view the policy wording: Policy Wording

If you want to know how much our annual multi trip travel insurance costs, get a quote here.