Service of Suit and Jurisdiction Clause LBS0006

It is agreed that this Insurance shall be governed exclusively by the law and practice of the insured’s Country of Residence, as shown on their Travel Insurance Policy Schedule, and any disputes arising under, out of or in connection with this Insurance shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of any competent court in that country.

Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. hereby agrees that all summonses, notices or processes requiring to be served upon it for the purpose of instituting any legal proceedings against them in connection with this Insurance shall be properly served if addressed to it and delivered to it care of Collinson Insurance Solutions Europe Limited, Third Floor, Development House, St Anne Street, Floriana FRN 9010, Malta, who in this instance, has authority to accept service on its behalf.

Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. by giving the above authority does not renounce its right to any special delays or periods of time to which it may be entitled for the service of any such summonses, notices or processes by reason of its residence or domicile in Belgium.