Information about the insurer

The insurer of the offered insurance contract will be Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. which has its registered seat at Bastion Tower, Marsveldplein 5, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Its legal form is a limited liability company.

The General Representative of Lloyd's Insurance Company S.A. in Malta is: Louis Cassar Pullicino, General Representative for Malta, Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A., c/o Ganado Advocates, 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT 1455, Malta.

In Belgium, which is the home member state of Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A., there is not an insurance guarantee scheme that protects policyholders in the event of the insolvency of the insurer. Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. is a member of the Malta Protection and Compensation Fund in respect of risks located in Malta underwritten under the right of establishment. In the eventuality of claims under such policies remaining unpaid due to the insolvency of the insurer, limited compensation may be available to the insured from the Fund. The Fund pays out if the insolvent insurer is struck off the Maltese register of insurers or the insolvent insurer is definitely wound up. Further details are available on the website of the Maltese Financial Services Authority at


Information about the contract


Unique Market Reference:                                         B0524CSPXXXX64619


Proposed inception date of the insurance cover:       As presented in the Quotation


Insurance premium:                                                    As presented in the Quotation


Additional fees (if applicable):                                     As presented in the Quotation


Document duty (if applicable):                                   As presented in the Quotation


Applicable law                                                             As presented in the Policy Wording