What is an 'excess' and how much is it on your policies?

The excess or deductible is the amount that you (the insured) will be responsible for paying as part of a claim.

Here is a list of applicable excess on our Columbus International policies:

  • The excess on Medical Expenses is 150 €
  • The excess on Cancellation & Curtailment is 75 €
  • The excess on Baggage Cover is 75 €
  • The excess on Cash & Documents Cover is 75 €
  • The excess on Abandonment is 75 €
  • The excess on Personal Liability Cover is 250 €
  • The excess on Business Cover is 75 €
  • The excess on Ski Cover is 75 €
  • No excess on travel delay and delayed baggage claims.

Both our cover limits and excess amounts apply per person, and the excess applies per incident. If you make a claim under more than one section of the insurance, the excess will apply to each claim.