Selecting the right cover

Are Business trips covered?

We're going camping this year. So it is not a fully pre-booked holiday. Does our policy cover us?

Doesn't the E111 form provide medical insurance?

If I buy a family policy are we covered when travelling alone?

What is the maximum length of time that I can be covered per trip under an Annual Multi-Trip policy?

My eldest son will turn 18 whilst we are away. Will that make a difference to the premium?

I quite fancy having a go at parascending, or maybe even bungee jumping. Would I be covered if I had an accident?

Can I reduce the premium by taking less medical insurance cover?

The travel agent always tries to sell us holiday insurance. How do I handle this situation?

With my household insurance, medical insurance, credit card insurance and the EU's E111 insurance, why should I buy additional travel insurance?

Why take out an annual policy?