Our products

Columbus offers a suite of quality travel insurance products that cover a wide range of travelling needs. Select a product in the list below for more information and prices. 

Single trip travel insurance

Quality cover for you and your family if you’re going on a one-off trip or holiday.

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Annual travel insurance

Travel insurance that covers you for the entire year. You can often save money by taking an annual policy instead of a single trip policy if you go abroad more than twice a year.

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Backpacker / long stay travel insurance

Quality cover for backpacking trips and long holidays up to 365 days. We cover a wide variety of sports and activities as standard, with many more available for a small supplement.

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Ski travel insurance

Travel insurance cover extended to cover you whilst engaging in wintersports, such as skiing, snowboarding etc. This insurance includes all non-ski insurance benefits.

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Adventure travel insurance

If you plan to engage in (hazardous) sports and activities during your holiday, you can cover these activities on your travel insurance policy. Many sports and activities are covered as standard!

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Cruise travel insurance

Finding affordable specialist travel insurance to cover a cruise holiday is not necessary anymore: Columbus Direct International travel insurance covers cruise holidays as standard!

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